About Scott Klasen

Hi, I’m Scott Klasen, a personal trainer and wellness coach serving clients in the Chicagoland area since 2003. 

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients of all ages and all pursuits.  Today, my work is primarily with individuals aged 40 and over, whose main objective is to begin laying the foundation for aging well into the years that follow.

This can take many different paths and can look different for everyone, but commonly involves:

  • Developing a smarter, more efficient training plan that encompasses all areas of fitness.
  • Resolving and managing lingering pain that occurs with activities of daily living and exercise, and most importantly – not making it worse.
  • Assembling a diet and lifestyle plan that’s realistic and sustainable.
  • Recapturing the energy, vitality, and confidence you once had.
  • Enhancing measures of longevity now and in the decades to come.


Perhaps this resonates with you, or maybe your story is a little different.  

Ultimately, it’s about whatever YOU want because I get my satisfaction from helping you succeed, achieve your goals, and get the results that are important to YOU.

If you’re wondering if it makes sense to work with me, ask yourself the following: 

Are you ready to change something about yourself?  Is it time to try something new?  Are you willing to be coachable?  And finally, are you ready to do it now?

If so, then I’d welcome the opportunity to work with YOU.  Are you ready to reach out and schedule a call today?


Personal Training

Convenience, a top caliber workout, and the results you seek without having to leave your home.


Learn and develop nutritional strategies that work for your specific lifestyle and goals.

Sleep & Stress Management

Take your health and wellness to another level with easily applied techniques for rejuvenating sleep and peace of mind.

Are you finally ready to make a change?

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