About Scott Klasen

Hi, I’m Scott Klasen, a personal trainer and wellness coach serving clients in the Chicagoland area.  This is where I’m supposed to identify my ideal and/or target client.  There’s only one problem…

I can’t.  

The truth is, I experience as much joy helping a woman in her 40’s lose weight as I do helping a man in his 80’s move better and become pain-free.  

I get my satisfaction from helping you succeed, achieve your goals, and get the results that are important to YOU.  It simply doesn’t matter to me if that’s getting stronger, eating better, losing 20 pounds, feeling better, making overall healthier decisions, or becoming a more confident version of yourself.

If you’re wondering if it makes sense to work with me, ask yourself this: 

Are you ready to show up and change something about yourself?  Are you willing to put in some work and be coachable?  

If so, then YOU are my ideal client, and I’d love to work with you.  Why not schedule and get in touch today?


Personal Training

Convenience, a top caliber workout, and the results you seek without having to leave your home.


Learn and develop nutritional strategies that work for your specific lifestyle and goals.

Sleep & Stress Management

Take your health and wellness to another level with easily applied techniques for rejuvenating sleep and peace of mind.

Are you finally ready to make a change?

Are you willing to put in some time and effort and be coachable?

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